Courses from scratch with individual
teacher feedback!

Language requires time, attention, regularity, and the support of an educator. It’s a fact. My courses cover all language skills: phonetics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and of course – speaking practice.

And if you study regularly, do all assignments, and listen to the teacher’s guidance, you will reach your goal with us. I promise!


No language practice

When you study on your own, you lose a very important skill – speaking. When you study on your own, no one corrects your mistakes and you memorize incorrectly

Irregular work

It is difficult to organize your time. Constantly distracted by other things, you do anything but language

There is no “obligation” moment and there is no motivation

When you work independently, you are not responsible to anyone. So you can miss days and weeks of classes, lose motivation, and stop learning.

No feedback

No one corrects your mistakes.
In the course, we will give you regular corrections and comments so that you improve your language level all the time.

The main result is

Learn to use basic greetings, understand and use familiar phrases and expressions, and use very simple sentences for specific life tasks.

You can introduce yourself and others. You will tell where you and others are from and give a general description of your town, your family and co-workers, describing their appearance and character.

You will describe the location of your home and give directions.

You will be able to explain in simple terms about your daily activities and arrange meetings with friends and colleagues.

You will describe current weather conditions, general medical symptoms.

You will be able to ask and answer questions about where you live, acquaintances, possessions, mood, location, daily routine, and so on.

You will master more than 1,500 of the most common words, phrases, and expressions.

You can participate in a simple conversation if the person you are talking to speak slowly and clearly and is willing to help you understand the speech.

You can discuss clothes at a basic level with the salesperson and ask simple questions. You can name basic groceries in a store and order at a restaurant.

You will talk in general terms about your health, your hobbies and interests, and your plans. You will be able to discuss common groceries and do your grocery shopping.

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