French for Beginners

What do you get?

  • Everyday and necessary vocabulary without unnecessary material.
  • Basic grammatical forms, structures and tenses.
  • Working through all structures in conversation practice.
  • A clear system of lessons.
  • Getting rid of language barriers.

An online course for those who are in love with the French language and dream to learn to speak it quickly. I have developed a series of French lessons for beginners from scratch in which you will master the subtleties of pronunciation, the basics of grammar, enrich your vocabulary and start speaking after just a few lessons.

French lessons for Beginners
One of the advantages of the course is the constant personal contact with the teacher, individually selected tasks and regular testing of the knowledge acquired. Teaching French takes place on a state-of-the-art online platform using advanced methods developed after years of studying French with previous students.

The program of the French for Beginners course includes:

  • Reading Rules;
  • French verbs and basic irregular verbs;
  • Questions and question words;
  • Rules of construction of sentences and spoken phrases;
  • Practice situations in a restaurant or train station.

    In just a few weeks you will have a strong foundation and accumulate enough vocabulary. Learn how to form sentences correctly, begin to understand what the other person is saying and keep the conversation going. But most importantly, you will be inspired and get a powerful motivation for further self-study.